About Cedar Wings Magazine

Cedar Wings is not your typical publication. It’s the first printed material that a visitor sees on his or her way to Lebanon, and perhaps the only magazine that travelers read after their departure from Beirut. With this in mind, we’ve kept the bulk of the content focused on Lebanon, its heritage, culture and talents, and we’ve also added offbeat hotels and unusual destinations that travelers can reach via MEA and its SkyTeam partners. 

MEA carries over three million passengers annually, so we wanted to make sure that the new Cedars Wings content would please travelers from various cultures and with different interests. This is why we partially reconditioned the content of the magazine by teaming up with experts, writers and hobbyists from diverse backgrounds to contribute and share experiences in what we refer to as “Lebanon’s platform of expression.”And how did we ensure accurate, coherent and rational content? By welcoming on board Lebanon’s top French, English and Arabic language editors.

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